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"From dance pop to R&B, Drinker has shown that she can blend any genre with her own unique sound and kills it every time"

-Sammi Jo-Wall, WXPN’s the Key


“Is Commercial Folk a thing? If it is Emily Drinker is taking a big sip from that fountain, because while there are definite Pop sensibilities within the arrangement, Drinker’s overall vocal tone feels folksy and energetic with hints of blues and jazz coming through at times.”

-Travis Erwin, LA on Lock

"Emily’s impassioned vocals and upbeat instrumentation coalesce into something bigger than love… freedom"

-The Hype Magazine

"Shimmering vocal harmonies"

-John Vettese, WXPN

"Her bright vocals and overt storytelling bring these moments to life, now with a rich, polished maturity coming through a clear lens and warm nostalgia."

-Kane Wilkinson, Dusty Organ

"Emily Drinker has released an eclectic album that makes us feel less alone in our pursuit of love.

-William Scott, Music Mecca


Photo by Ron Adelberg

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